Shane Bowden



Australian Shane Bowden is a multi-faceted modern artist creating his oeuvre in paintings and prints reminiscent of such pop icons as Warhol, Koons, and Hirst. Currently, Bowden has developed 6 separate collections of work, delineated by genre to captivate individual tastes. Examples of such genres are graffiti, figure realism, abstract expressionism, and black & white print. Directed by an alter ego for each collection, Bowden has adopted various personas to fully explore the potential of each style that peaks his interest.

“Work is my therapy and drive; I don’t know anybody who loves painting and art as much as I do. It gives me such pleasure with massive highs and lows. I truly feel alive. It separates me from reality into not having to deal with the unnecessary that is thrust upon us in real life.”

In the past two years, Bowden has produced over 6,000 original works and is considered the highest selling artist in Australia. His pieces have been acquired by myriad established investors, from well known collectors such as Tony Blair to the corporate board rooms of Vogue. Accolades include being nominated and a finalist multiple times of the Salon Des Refusees, the Archibald Prize, and the Doug Moran Portrait Prize. Bowden’s influence pulls heavily from the most distinctive styles of the sixties. Embracing such techniques as silkscreen printing, multi-media collage, lavish smears of paint, and deliberately untidy lines, he attempts to bridge the gap between action painting and pop art while maintaining reference to their foundations.

“Well let’s face the fact… painting as an artistic endeavor and form of social and individual expression to change the way we look at the world is pretty much dead. Everything’s been done in painting! Everything!”

What matters to Bowden is the appreciation of the customer, the person who will really get pleasure and satisfaction from having his work in their home. Their opinion is what constitutes truth in the market and remains clearly defined. Keeping paintings and prints within realistic price points provides the owners of his works the opportunity to see their investment increase in retail value. Shane Bowden belongs to the zeitgeist of successful contemporaries who embrace the component of business in art making.