Timothy Raines



The vibrancy envisioned in a Timothy Raines painting parallels its real life counterpart. Luxury is the essence of his compositions, capturing movement and energy through color and shape. Many major brands and organizations depend on his skilled hand to promote their modern image. Athletics, automobiles, emblems, landscapes; Raines explores these subjects all through his iconic drops of paint, inspired by the controlled chaos of his technique that both represents and redefines distinctive style.

In the headquarters for Major League Baseball in New York City is an original Raines painting of every team logo. Licensed officially to represent their brand for seven years now, he takes into consideration the characteristics of each team and creates a unique work of art that becomes a cherished fan investment. Luxury automobiles are another compelling subject. To perfectly compliment the beauty of machinery, Raines enjoys automotive portrait commissions. Much like beloved sports teams, sports cars are symbolic of our values and an extension of how we relate to the world.

To block in certain paintings, Raines will start with a light sketch on the canvas. This initial step, in addition to any finishing touches and details, are the few instances that a paintbrush is necessary to his process. Gravity is a vital element of his execution. Reminiscent of Jackson Pollock, Raines lays his canvas horizontally. With finesse and precision, bright acrylic paint is released to splatter the canvas below. To achieve a range of results, he varies the distance above. The bigger splashes come from his eye level at a height of six feet two inches, while the smaller drops may come from a syringe hovering just above the surface.

Precise movement that relinquishes control of the outcome is the element of surprise that enables Raines’ unique results. To be able to evoke an entirely new image from a logo that we see on a daily basis is remarkable. To be able to maintain the authenticity of a brand while abstracting it on a particle level is phenomenal. Although there have been many developments of splatter style in modern painting, Raines is the master of utilizing the established symbolism of an emblem to evoke a fresh, yet classic perspective.