Timothy Raines

Athletics, automobiles, emblems, landscapes; Raines explores these subjects all through his iconic drops of paint, inspired by the controlled chaos of his technique that both represents and redefines distinctive style.

Ari Robinson

Ari Azzopardi is a mixed-media artist who currently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida with a BFA in painting and sculpture. Her work is approached by a creative execution driven by process and spontaneity; focused on form, color, and energy.

Jason Brueck

Digital Collage is the medium pioneered by this emerging local artist. Inspired by concepts of time and space, his complex processing takes familiar images and assembles them into unique juxtapositions of cultural symbolism.

Shane Bowden

Australian Shane Bowden is a multi-faceted modern artist creating his oeuvre in paintings and prints reminiscent of such pop icons as Warhol, Koons, and Hirst. Currently, Bowden has developed 6 separate collections of work, delineated by genre to captivate individual tastes.

Stephanie Agudelo

Stephanie Agudelo is a local St. Petersburg artist. She graduated from the University of South Florida, recieving her B.F.A in art. Her body of work focuses on vibrant imagery and pushing boundaries of what a camera is capable of captivating. In this featured series, “Aquatic Utpopia”, she composites her photos by abstracting the human form using the refraction of water. Thus creating a painterly image that was constructed with a camera.


London artist Zeus has been drawing inspiration from urban culture to create dynamic, experimental compositions that have re-defined graffiti art. Captivated by the hip-hop scene of the 80s, he began expressing his creative talents on the street when he was just 14, using walls, trains, and open spaces as his galleries.

Past Exhibitions

Chad Mize

July through October 2016

For a limited time, we are delighted to display new works by local artist Chad Mize. We will be featuring several multimedia pieces including his iconic Paris, London, Tokyo, St. Pete T-Shirts.

Kathryn Poch

“My paintings reflect the unpredictability and surprises of nature. Vivid colors, aggressive strokes, and infinite space culminate in imaginary settings…” – Kathryn Poch

Carlton Ward Jr.

Carlton Ward Jr is a conservation photographer from Tampa, Florida. His passion for nature was born from the Florida landscape, where eight generations of family history have grounded his perspective. He sees natural environments and cultural legacies as the earth’s greatest yet most threatened resources.

Jason Skeldon

October 2015 through January 2016

For a limited time, we are delighted to display new works by local artist Jason Skeldon. Born in Las Vegas, currently residing in Tampa Florida, Jason Skeldon uses oils, acrylics, and spray paints, lending  something new to the game, capturing street art onto a canvas.

Gina Coccaro

March through May 2015

The latest addition to our showcase of artists, working exclusively with welded steel salvaged automobile parts.

Lilian Delgado

August through September 2014

For a limited time, we are delighted to display new works by local painter Lilian Delgado. As a practitioner of the oil impasto technique, she creates surreal floral landscapes with sculptural dimension.