Giving Back

Give Back with Us

Libertine Fine Art Gallery was founded on the principle that social and financial resourcefulness is a high level priority. That is why we not only support local initiative and business, but we are philanthropically involved with missions of resonance and alignment with our core values.

When Danielle Kucera was nominated for the 40 Under 40 award, Darin and Danielle met Kyle, who was the first prize winner. Afterward, they congratulated Kyle for his efforts in Tech, and he handed them a business card that said “Because of Ezra” — a charity Kyle and his wife created to find the cure to the specific kind of cancer their three year old son had: neuroblastoma.

Eventually, their organization evolved to become “Beat Childhood Cancer” — and Libertine Fine Art Gallery is honored to serve this cause. Beat Childhood Cancer drives childhood cancer research and raises awareness, making a difference in kids’ survival today. The vision is to change the story for the next family by finding viable treatments and ultimately, cures for childhood cancers.

Libertine Fine Art Gallery donates artworks to the organization, and a portion of proceeds goes directly to the charity. We welcome anyone who would like to join us in supporting this wonderful cause.

Please feel free to reach out via phone or email with

“Giving Back with us” in the subject line