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Giving Back

Libertine Fine Art Gallery was founded on the principle that social and financial resourcefulness is a high level priority. That is why we practice art for charity by supporting initiatives that resonate and align with our core values.

We donate artwork, as well as a portion of all gallery sales, to our partner organizations. At present, Libertine Fine Art Gallery supports the following charities:

Beat Childhood Cancer Foundation Inc.

Beat Childhood Cancer Foundation Inc. (BCC) aims to find a cure for neuroblastoma and other childhood cancers. A consortium of five nonprofit organizations, BCC today operates as a single entity to make a difference in the life and survival of children with cancer.

While its primary research focus is neuroblastoma, BCC advocates for research into all solid mass childhood cancers. Families under the scope of BCC receive assistance with access to precision treatment plans. These treatments are personalized to a child’s condition to improve their chances of healing.

BCC also helps families enroll in clinical trials that offer innovative, novel treatments for kids battling cancer. Aside from helping every enrolled child, these trials are run with the hopes of actively creating new treatment options for cancer-stricken kids.

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Sounding Joy Hearing Aid Giving Logo.

Sounding Joy Inc.

Sounding Joy Inc. was founded by Tampa Bay businesswoman Christy Vogel to provide hearing aids to hearing-impaired children whose families can’t afford them. Formed in 2021, the charity has already distributed more than two dozen hearing aids to local children.

Vogel formed Sounding Joy as a way to impart the life-changing joy that hearing aids bring to hearing-impaired children. The marketing CEO herself knows first-hand how hearing aids can change a child’s life, as she grew up with hearing impairment.

With Sounding Joy, Vogel hopes to help hearing-impaired children avoid health complications from untreated hearing loss, as well as improve their chances of success in adulthood.

Donate Art for Charity & Support Our Causes

Libertine Fine Art Gallery is open to individuals and organizations who wish to join us in supporting these wonderful causes.

Feel free to contact us via phone or email.

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