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Flowers in vases, candles and rustic painting on shelf above eco fireplace in fashionable living room interior

Elevate Your Space

There is nothing more worth of investment than your own home.

Whether it’s your primary home, vacation share, or rental, your house is the embodiment of your style. But we’re also cognizant that your home is a living, breathing spaces made for interactions.

And so Libertine Contemporary endeavors redefine our client’s work and playspaces with visually striking works that enliven and arrest attention, while stimulating scintillating conversations.

Contemporary art has the power to enhance and transform rooms into more than dry sumptuousness.

Libertine Contemporary has helped transform luxury homes, yachts, and clubs into living collections for contemporary art. Our curation services provide a different experience from traditional art curators, as we prioritize our client’s growth and exploration of cutting-edge art as we help them invest in their interiors.

Call us for works that add more to your collection, or to curate your current gallery.

Our Artists

A close-up shot of Christophe Micaud.

Christophe micaud

A close-up shot of Shane Bowden.

shane bowden

A close-up shot of Jason Brueck.

jason brueck

A Full shot of Timothy Raines.

timothy raines

Designer`s living room with posters and grey sofa.

Artist & Dealer Clients


Brentwood, TN

ThirdHome is a luxury home exchange network for second homeowners with luxury homes, villas, yachts, and time in five-star resorts and residence clubs. For homeowners to be qualified for the network, their property must be in prime travel destinations, worth at least $1 million, and with well-appointed furnishings, amenities, and decorations.

Read more about our clients here.

Bold & Evocative Art At Your Fingertips

Rail against staid elegance, and infuse your space with adventurous and daring art. Contact Libertine Contemporary to learn more about our collection, and allow us to curate your space to suit your vision.

We provide installation, delivery and consultation services. Libertine Contemporary is also available to hotels and private clients. We also offer art staging services.

We promise to maintain the highest integrity in our working relationship, and our capacity as your curator and link to our esteemed artists.

Stylish composition of modern interior design with rattan commode, mock up painting, lamp and creative home accessories.

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Discover great artists and extraordinary pieces through Libertine Contemporary’s events and promotions.