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Hotels are often seen as liminal spaces passed by transients, overlooked. But hotels are unsung bastions of art, living galleries that house not only extraordinary pieces by global masters, but provoking work by emerging local artists.

And to elite travelers, well-appointed art convey a hotel’s willingness to go beyond the staid sense of elegance expected by design. After all:

Hotel art collections communicate a space's sophistication and taste to travelers and guests.

Thus, hotels must meet their expectations—and exceed them by sparking curiosity and elevating their guest’s impression of their interiors.

Libertine Contemporary prides itself on carrying works and curating collections that are irreverent, but captivating, and simply unforgettable. As foremost hotel art curators, we know which pieces fit your lobby, suites, restaurants, and function rooms.

We offer an experience different from traditional art galleries and dealerships, and the humdrum of high-pressure sales environments. Come and see what makes our art-first dealership different from other galleries.

Our Artists for Hotel Art


Christophe micaud


shane bowden


jason brueck

timothy raines

Beautiful painting on the ceiling at the Venetian Hotel, Macao

Artist & Dealer Clients Hotel Art Curation

Art Ovation Hotel

Part of the Marriott Hotel group Sarasota, FL

Our artists have also had works exhibited at Marriott Hotels, Curio a collection by Hilton, Virgin Hotels, Choice Hotels, and Cambria Hotels and Suites.

Read more about our clients here.

Bold & Evocative Hotel Art At Your Fingertips

Arrest your clientele’s imagination with captivating art that electrifies their senses. Contact us to expand your collection and develop your hotel’s personal style.

We offer consultation, delivery, and installation services. Libertine Contemporary also deals with private clients and luxury homes, and engages with art stagings.

Rest assured that we will always maintain the highest level of integrity between the relationship of the gallery, the artist, and your group.

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