About Libertine Contemporary

The seed for Libertine Contemporary's birth conceived in 2012, when it was envisioned in a physical space at 200 Central Avenue in downtown St. Petersburg.

Formerly a bank, this trophy property featured 40-foot high ceilings, an interior staircase, private elevator, and a generously-sized vault. Instead of succumbing to offers from other groups, the ownership group sought to implement a unique art gallery complimenting its premiere address.

For a year, this property was transformed into the Timothy Raines Gallery. It was then renamed into The Gallery in honor of the late artist Jon Lee, a beloved friend who the group lost in a fatal car accident.

As the years passed, the idea for what would become Libertine Contemporary coalesced into a simple, but powerful concept:

An alternative space for artists and collectors, set aside from the humdrum of traditional art galleries—and leagues away from the high-pressure sales environment that dulls the edge of what contemporary art can be.

Libertine Contemporary offers an experience unique from typical curators and dealers. We curate spaces that spark interest, promote curiosity, and shepherd collectors into finding innovative and striking works worthy of enshrinement in their catalogs.

Artist Roster

A close-up shot of Christophe Micaud.

Christophe micaud

A close-up shot of Shane Bowden.

shane bowden

A close-up shot of Jason Brueck.

jason brueck

A Full shot of Timothy Raines.

timothy raines

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